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Grisha Plattner

For nearly ten years, I have been living my passion for films, a love that started in my childhood and has since kept me captivated by the enchanting magic of this medium.

As a freelance filmmaker, camera operator, and Director of Photography (DOP), I infuse the world of film daily with this enthusiasm.

In gratitude for the opportunity to unfold my creative soul, this journey continually leads me to explore new paths of visual storytelling.

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Schigra Productions

My chosen artist name arose from the desire to be at the center of my own art. Inspired by a moment when the sun shone through my closed eyes, the color of Schigra symbolizes my journey through this world.

In the realms of film and music, my creative expressions converge, with authenticity and emotional depth being my focal points.

The name itself was generously gifted to me by someone with a big heart. My goal is to enchant through art, anchor shared dreams in the beauty of the real world, and thus create a unique atmosphere.

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